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The age of this wonderful specimen is unknown but according to made study, 
the tree has more of two thousand years old.


This tree (Ahuehuete) is located to 8.07 miles of Oaxaca City. By the road that it direct to Mitla. It's located in the entrance, near of the church of Santa Maria del Tule.


The tree has the biggest diameter in his trunk of the world, is an Ahuehuete with a perimeter approximately of 50.231 yards2, and a height of 131.23 foots. The peoples say that would be necessary about thirty peoples with the hands entwine for to embrace the trunk, and in his shadow give shelter approximately to five hundred peoples. His volume oscillates between 179,677,260 gallons, with a weight of 1,402,139 pounds approximately. In 1996 produced about 22046.226 pounds when the dead wood was cuts.


The age of this wonderful specimen is unknown but according to made study, the tree has more of two thousand years old.


Exist a legend (Zapoteca) about that the tree of the Tule was planted some time ago, about one thousand four hundred years by Pechocha. A priest Ehécatl, he was considerate god of the wind. The tree is located in a sacred site. After the place were occupied by the church. 

The mean of Tule is: “illumination tree”. The gnarls and his natural’s formations visible in the bark generate a great number of illustrative names.


Santa Maria del Tule is the town of the central valley’s where this wonderful tree is located, in this population we can make a great quantity of familiar activities or with your friends, after of to visit the tree of the Tule, we can buy or to admire craftsmanship’s in his craftsmanship market, to eat inside the market, some foods traditional of the region such a things like: Tlayudas, pastry with savoury filling, bread of yolk, memelitas (picaditas), besides be may to sample of the delicious Mezcal, the traditional water of flavors, the drinking chocolate, Tejate and the exquisite ice cream.

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